Journal Articles

The wrong place at the wrong time? Territorial autonomy and conflict during regime transitions
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel (2023, forthcoming). Comparative Political Studies.
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Inclusion, recognition, and inter-group comparisons: The effects of power-sharing institutions on grievances
Juon, Andreas (2023). Journal of Conflict Resolution.
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Say my name: The effects of ethnofederalism on communal violence
Juon, Andreas & Rohrbach, Livia (2022). Journal of Peace Research.
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The two faces of power-sharing
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel (2022). Journal of Peace Research 59 (4): 526-542.
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Power-sharing and the quality of democracy
Bochsler, Daniel & Juon, Andreas (2021). European Political Science Review 13 (4): 411-430.
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Hurricane or fresh breeze? Disentangling the populist effect on the quality of democracy
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel (2020). European Political Science Review 12 (3): 391-408.
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Authoritarian footprints in Central and Eastern Europe
Bochsler, Daniel & Juon, Andreas (2020). Eastern European Politics 36 (2): 167-187.
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Minorities overlooked: Group-based power-sharing and the exclusion-amid-inclusion dilemma
Juon, Andreas (2020). International Political Science Review 41 (1): 89-107.
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Book Chapters

Managing self-determination struggles through decentralization
Juon, Andreas & Bakke, Kristin (2023, forthcoming). In: Aleksandar Pavkovic, Peter Radan & Ryan Griffiths (Eds.): Routledge Handbook on Self-Determination and Secession. London/New York: Routledge, pp. 443-456.

Democracy promotion through power-sharing: the role of mediators’ constitutional templates
Bochsler, Daniel & Juon, Andreas (2023, forthcoming). In Simon Geissbühler (Ed.): Democracy in a Fractured World. Challenges, Resilience, Innovation. Berlin/Zürich: LIT Verlag.

Under Review

Territorial autonomy and the trade-off between civil and communal violence
Juon, Andreas. R&R at American Political Science Review.

The long-term consequences of power-sharing for ethnic salience
Juon, Andreas. Under review at Journal of Peace Research.

Working Papers

Minority accommodation and majority backlashes
Juon, Andreas. Preparing for submission.

Internal administrative boundaries and self-determination demands
Juon, Andreas. In revision.

Between the hammer and the anvil: majority nationalism, minority accommodation, and civil war
Juon, Andreas & Cederman, Lars-Erik. First draft under preparation.

Book Manuscript

Institutionalizing power-sharing: Trade-offs for peace and democracy
Juon, Andreas

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