Journal Articles

The two faces of power-sharing
We investigate the democratic effects of power-sharing institutions in 138 countries between 1946 and 2016. Specifically, we theorize and test the differences between corporate (ethnically-based) and liberal (electoral) ones.
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel (2021, forthcoming). Forthcoming at Journal of Peace Research.
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Power-sharing and the quality of democracy
We formulate a new theoretical framework on the contradictory effects of power-sharing institutions on the Quality of Democracy. We then assess it using disaggregated data for 70 countries between 1990 and 2016.
Bochsler, Daniel & Juon, Andreas (2021). European Political Science Review, 13(4): 411-430.
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Hurricane or fresh breeze? Disentangling the populist effect on the quality of democracy
New theory and data on the effects of populist parties of different ideologies on the Quality of Democracy.
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel (2020). European Political Science Review 12 (3): 391-408.
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Authoritarian footprints in Central and Eastern Europe
We assess changes in the Quality of Democracy in all 19 democracies in Central and Western Europe between 1990 and 2016. We investigate the driving role of three factors: the rise of populist parties, the reduced influence of the European Union after accession, and the 2008 financial crisis.
Bochsler, Daniel & Juon, Andreas (2020). Eastern European Politics 36 (2): 167-187.
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Minorities overlooked: Group-based power-sharing and the exclusion-amid-inclusion dilemma
New theory and data on how de-jure power-sharing institutions affect the de-facto political status of ethnic micro-minorities in 105 multi-ethnic countries between 1946 and 2013.
Juon, Andreas (2020). International Political Science Review 41 (1): 89-107.
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Book Chapters

Managing self-determination struggles through decentralization
Review of theoretical, conceptual, and practical dimensions of managing secession risks through decentralization.
Juon, Andreas & Bakke, Kristin (2022, forthcoming). In: Aleksandar Pavkovic, Peter Radan & Ryan Griffiths (Eds.): Routledge Handbook on Self-Determination and Secession.

Under Review

Say my name: The effects of ethnofederalism on communal violence
We combine new subnational data on Ethiopia’s ethnofederalism to investigate how the differential status of diverse ethnic groups affects local risks of communal violence.
Juon, Andreas & Rohrbach, Livia. R&R at Journal of Peace Research.

Inclusion, recognition, and inter-group comparisons: The effects of power-sharing institutions on grievances
New data and theory on the effects of power-sharing institutions on mass grievances and multi-level analysis.
Juon, Andreas. Under review at Journal of Conflict Resolution.

The wrong place at the wrong time? Territorial autonomy and conflict during regime transitions
We investigate the impact of territorial autonomy on the initiation of self-determination movements (SDM), differentiating between regime transitions and stable contexts.
Juon, Andreas & Bochsler, Daniel. Under review at World Politics.

Working Papers

Territorial autonomy, central government inclusion, and the trade-off between civil and communal violence
I employ new geospatial data to assess how boundaries of autonomous territorial units affect the propensity of internal minorities and local majorities to become involved in civil and communal violence.
Juon, Andreas

Stabilizing territorial autonomy with ‘good fences’? Internal administrative boundaries and ethnic conflict
Using new spatial data, I revisit the impact of territorial autonomy on territorial conflict. I distinguish between anti-ethnic autonomy, unified ethnic autonomy and split ethnic autonomy to derive and test novel expectations.
Juon, Andreas

From who to how: New data on power-sharing institutions on the ethnic group-level
I present the new Constitutional Power-Sharing Dataset (CPSD), which provides new, disaggregated data on corporate and liberal power-sharing institutions on the group level.
Juon, Andreas

Status equalization, reification, or threat alleviation: The effects of institutionalized power-sharing on ethnic salience
New data and theory on the effects of power-sharing institutions on ethnic salience and multi-level analysis.
Juon, Andreas

Book Manuscript

Grievances, identity, and political opportunity: The effects of corporate and liberal power-sharing on ethnic conflict (Dissertation, supervised by Kristin M. Bakke and Nils W. Metternich)
Using new global data, I investigate the trade-offs of employing corporate or liberal power-sharing institutions across groups and over time.
Juon, Andreas

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